After tattooing freckles on a client’s face, a tattoo artist startled viewers on social media.

On TikTok, Australian tattoo artist Daisy Lovesick (@daisylovesick) showcased one of her most recent creations for her client Michaela, who wanted freckles inked on her face.

Daisy shared a video of her un-inked face before revealing that the customer had driven almost 700 kilometers for the design alone.

The tattooist informed the audience that the customer and he decided on the design together, and they opted to go with “medium coverage freckles” on her face.

In the video, Daisy described the entire procedure, saying: “I always map my freckles with my clients sitting up and I have them go and look in the mirror to check that they’re happy before we get started.”

”I get my clients to smile, make faces, talk, watch themselves in the mirror and make sure everything is lining up with their vision,” she continued.

The Brisbane-based artist then started drawing ink designs on Michaela’s face and continued doing so until she was happy with them. After the tattoo was finished, she displayed the client’s swollen face and referred to her skin as having “anger, angry skin.”

Daisy emphasized that this skin reaction is common and frequently goes away within an hour. She continued by describing her fascination with her work: ”I am so absolutely obsessed with how these freckles came out. I am so, so happy.”

As of this writing, the video has received 258.3K likes and 3.5 million views. Many social media users are divided by Michaela’s new ink results.

Many people questioned why the customer elected to have freckles tattooed on her face when she already had them, even though the designer may be happy with her design.

One user said: “Who would tattoo freckles??? why????”

Another wrote: “People with freckles wondering why?”

A third commented: “Freckle tattoos? this is what we’re doing now ??????”

Other people, however, expressed their admiration for Daisy’s effort, with one writing: “I’m literally in NZ and have contemplated coming to see you! Your work is so gorgeous!”

A second person added appreciation and a comment: “I’d come from Canada for your freckles.”

The tattoo artist released a follow-up video of another client’s healed tattoo to demonstrate to viewers how natural the freckles seem after her viral video gained popularity on the video-sharing app.

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