A TikToker went viral after she refused to switch seats on a plane so that a family could all sit together.

Maresa Friedman has fought back against people who don’t like her and said that she is “not a villain.”

After a family asked her to switch seats, the passenger posted a video of herself looking pretty upset.

She posted this on TikTok: “No you can’t have my seat!

“I am not a villain for moving from the seat in first class I paid full fare for.”

In a series of videos after the first one, she stayed firm that families shouldn’t expect people who have already paid for their seats to move.

“I’m also a mom, so it’s called PLANNING AHEAD,” Friedman added.

In the comments, many people sided with TikToker. One person wrote: “As she makes villain face, lol. Good for you, stand up for yourself.”

“I don’t give up my seat anywhere ever on a plane. I reserved it early enough to get what I wanted. Your loss if you didn’t,” someone else added.

A third person said: “Thank you! As a child free person I get shamed for not moving. I paid full price. I’m not moving.”

Another added: “This is definitely a strategy some parents are employing by not paying for seat selection, assuming the airline or ppl will move bc they have kids.”

Someone else joked: “As soon as I sit down, the noise canceling headphones go on. Any ridiculous requests will be treated as noise.”

Not everyone agreed with Friedman, though.

One person said: “I was on your side when I thought that u were being asked to go from 1st to economy, but it was just a row change in 1st! Most would’ve said ‘ok’!”

Another added: “If I’m swapping my aisle for another aisle then I’m fine with swapping. I’ll totally swap.”

Friedman later said that the airline automatically books reservations together and that the family was split up because they missed a flight or a connection.