Many people think that you can’t eat too much at a buffet. There is a limit to how much food can be put away in some establishments.

One TikToker says she learned this the hard way when a restaurant charged her double for eating too much.

In a video to her followers, Poppy shared the awkward experience she had on the social media platform.

The first part of the clip asks people to share their experiences of being fat-shamed.

“Tell me the wildest way you have ever been fat-shamed,” the video asks. When she went out for a meal at an all-you-can-eat buffet, the painter revealed what happened to her.

“I once went to an all-you-can-eat buffet, and when the bill came, I noticed they’d charged me twice,” she said.

“I questioned it and asked why, and they said I’d eaten too much,” the TikToker explained.

As she recounted the story to her followers, she struggled to keep her laughter in check. As of this writing, her video has racked up over 77k views and over 100 comments.

One user wanted to know if she paid the extra. “Please tell me you didn’t pay!”

To their relief, she said that she did not pay double. “No I argued and only paid the one flat rate.”

The restaurant had accused her of eating too much at the buffet.

“That doesn’t make sense… it’s all you CAN EAT,” wrote one, while another agreed: “It’s literally in the name ‘all you can eat’ hahaha jeeze people are mental.”