Flying, which is the process of boarding a plane and using it to travel to a new location, can be challenging. When a baby is involved, the situation can become even more stressful.

A commercial flight’s spectacular meltdown was seen on camera by a TikToker and shared. One traveller clearly had had enough of travelling with babies since he or she would not take a seat close to one.

Then, things really took off.


Really, no one wants to be seated next to an infant.

Though it will soon be clear that the particular passenger responded inappropriately, let’s refrain from referring to her as Karen.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, gets excited when they learn they have to spend several hours travelling next to a child.


The traveller was in a difficult situation.

A passenger on a commercial flight can be seen and heard moaning aloud about her seating assignment, which put her next to a baby, in a TikTok video recorded by a user going by the handle @lockedinout.


Different possibilities are presented to her.

She was told that the baby wouldn’t cry the entire journey and that everything will settle down quickly. The flight attendant also offers her the option of taking the subsequent trip if she so chooses.


The woman then makes a motion that is undoubtedly Karen.

The next best thing to ask to see the manager while flying is to get the name of the flight attendant. The woman does exactly that, and the flight attendant introduces herself as Tabitha.


Tabitha’s job is in danger.

Although it’s simple to appreciate the passenger’s annoyance, threatening the flight attendant’s employment is totally Karen and unnecessary. When she said that Tabitha “may not have a job” soon, the woman was most likely just venting her frustration. But she was unaware that Tabitha would find this to be her breaking point.


Flight attendants have the authority to eject you from the aircraft.

When a fellow passenger threatens Tabitha’s employment, the latter responds by telling the woman to exit the aircraft. In this still, you can kind of sense that she is aware of how terribly she has screwed up.


The passenger abruptly alters her attitude.

Missing a flight is a significant headache, especially when it’s because of your own bad attitude, so the woman immediately recants. She offers an apology and attributes the act to stress, but it was already too late. After speaking, Tabitha announced that she had to depart.


Not many commenters showed sympathy.

Even though she was initially in a horrible spot (sitting close to a newborn), she made matters worse with her attitude. The only crying baby on the flight was the mother herself, viewers joyously tore her to shreds in the comments section, which is a valid point.


According to the footage, she was fired as a result.

There isn’t really any evidence provided, so it’s best to accept the passenger’s allegation that she was fired from the New York State Council on the Arts with a grain of salt. No one has also verified this assertion.


A wonderful illustration of “mess around and find out” is this.

Watch the entire clip up top; the drama is wrapped up in just 35 seconds. Then, let us know what you think. If you had been the passenger, how would you have handled this? How would you feel if you were a flight attendant? Please leave your comments with your ideas.