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As the Game of Thrones heads towards its finale on May 19, fans are only left with books to read. Based on A Song of Ice and Fire, only 5 out of 7 books by George Martin are released so far. The next book in this series will be Winds of Winter – the release date of which remains unknown!

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Winds of Winter Book Six
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Let us take a closer look at this book and see when Martin plans to launch it.

Has George RR Martin Completed Writing Winds of Winter?

No one really knows the true answer to this question apart from the grand old man himself. Given that it has been almost a decade since A Dance with Dragons came out, Martin is likely to have written a significant chunk of his next book, if not all of it. Moreover, considering that the show has since surpassed the story in the books, it is likely that Martin might have some content already planned, which will make writing it even easier!

Winds of Winter Book Release Date
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Winds of Winter Cover Art Confirmed?

Various cover arts have surfaced, however, Winds of Winter is officially expected to release with a cover featuring Joramun’s Horn. In the book, we have seen Mance Raider claim possession of the horn while Melisandre claims to have burnt it. The horn has magical properties that’s why the freefolk believe that if they blew it, the wall will fall.

Winds of Winter George RR Martin
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When Will Winds of Winter Release?

No one knows the release date of the book. Only George RR Martin can confirm as to when Winds of Winter will finally come out. Release date is expected later in 2019 or early 2020, given that it has been nine years since the fifth book was published. Afterward, there’s one more book to come out (A Hope of Spring).

Winds of Winter Game of Thrones
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What Was The Reason for the Delay?

It is expected that the sixth book took so long to write because Martin was actively involved with the tv production of the book. Furthermore, some even expect that HBO and Martin had a deal that he cannot release a new book until the show ends. However, this is just speculation.

Winds of Winter Release Date
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Will There be a Game of Thrones Spin-Off Written by George RR Martin?

Game of Thrones is going to indeed get a spin-off. Three plans involve Robert’s rebellion, the story of the first winter and a third project which is yet to be announced. Rumor has it that the second one is most likely an option to get its own show where casting has allegedly begun.