Windows 10

Microsoft Windows update trouble is not going to end anytime soon. Users were already facing fatal error and system crashes on their devices after launching certain games. The new patch has brought more trouble for the users.

What is the issue with update?

Like every month Microsoft released monthly updates and after upgrading to Windows Tuesday’s patch users are reporting random freeze and lag on their devices.

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One user reported that more than 10 Windows 7 machines froze up on the login screen after the update. He further added that the login and welcome screen took more than an hour to load.

One user on the Sophos forum reported that disabling Sophos services has fixed his 2008 R2 machine. In response, Sophos has made an official announcement stating that they don’t recommend users to update to the latest patch.

Windows crash update

They also mentioned a path to be excluded from Anti-virus and HIPS scanning for the enterprise user to prevent the issue.

Microsoft officially confirmed the issue and stated that the device with Sophos Endpoint, SEC and Avast installed on them will face the freezing issue when the device is booted.

Who is affected?

Machines that are running Windows 7 after installing the  KB4462223, KB4493472, KB4493448, KB4464520, KB4462230 and KB4493435 updates will face the freezing issue on the login screen.

Machines that have Windows 8.1, Windows Embedded 8, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 10 installed on the are also reporting the issue.

The issue is dependent upon the version of the antivirus users are running on their machines.


Microsoft has temporarily stopped the release of the update for the device running the Sophos Endpoint and Avast.

As users have reported you could uninstall any of the mentioned software if you want to move to the next update.

If you have updated then one option is to reboot in the safe mode and roll back to the last update.