Modern Family season 11 or spin-off

A Modern Family season 11, as well as a spin-off, might be in the works and so our beloved characters would return to us once again. In the 2019 Television Critics Association Press Tour, ABC hinted that apart from a season 11, a Modern Family spin-off might also be released. 

What is going to happen in Modern Family season 11?

What is going to happen in Modern Family season 11?

The President of ABC, Karey Burke said that there will be many milestone events in Modern Family season 11. A true fan would definitely not want to miss it. What will these milestone events be? These events will include an unexpected pregnancy and the death of a character. So, the pregnancy will be a good way for the start of a new family and a jump off point.

Modern Family Season 11 spin off is in the making

Burke told the press about the new spin-off,

“I would be absolutely thrilled about it. No one else would be happier if it actually happened.”

Burke told the press that Modern Family season 11 has big plans for the audience. They want to finish it in a big way. So, adding a spin-off to that would just be a cherry on the top.

How did they plan to have a spin-off?

The show had previously revealed that Haley (Sarah Hyland) was pregnant. Chris Lloyd, who is the co-creator of the series, told E! News about the changes that the writers made to these characters.

Lloyd revealed that they had decided if they had any exciting idea that could bring some change into the characters, they would do it. He said that it didn’t matter to them if it was the last season of Modern Family or not.

Either way, it would be good for the show. Lloyd had also said that if they would go for a spin-off, they could easily adjust the changes to the character. He said,

The new season would be good as now we would have new stuff to explore.

So, who knows what they are going to explore; a Modern Family season 12 or a spin-off?

Modern Family airs every Wednesday on ABC at 9 pm.