Avengers Endgame Stan Lee cameo

Avengers Endgame is about to release soon. And the fans are waiting eagerly for it to hit the cinemas. Stan Lee is the father of modern Marvel Comics. He is not with us now. However, his legacy continues to live. For the last ten years, Lee has continued to give us amazing movies through the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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He has played many characters to date. Some of them being Hugh Hefner in Iron Man and a security guard in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Avengers: Endgame- will Stan Lee be a part of it?

Since Stan Lee has passed away, his fans have been in dilemma. This is regarding his appearance in Avengers Endgame. People are anticipating to see him this April.

Avengers: Endgame- will Stan Lee be a part of it?
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Well, we have good news for all the Lee fans. Stan Lee will be doing a cameo in Avengers Endgame. This is a pre-recorded shoot which will mark his last appearance.

The news is according to Entertainment Tonight.  The head of Marvel, Kevin Feige says that fans will be getting a cameo. This is because they shot a few before.

Will Lee be a part of any other movie?

Feige says that there could also be a cameo by Lee in Spider-Man: Far From Home. This is because they will be compiling some of his last shots.

Avengers: Endgame- will Stan Lee be a part of it?
Source: Entertainment Weekly

Moreover, the same has been reported by ComicBook. According to ComicBook, the directors of Endgame have confirmed the same to it. Joe Russo says that the cameo in the film was the last one by Lee.

Now, this statement contradicts the one by Feige. However, the Marvel team might be able to mash few clips to insert in Spider-Man. This will give Lee fans another reason to celebrate.

Lee’s role in Avenger: Endgame is still not known. But knowing that will be there is no less than a treat for the fans.

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