Stan Lee, the marvel comics icon’s funeral was held in a small and private way. Stan lee never liked the idea of big, public funeral, according to a statement by LEE’s POW! ENTERTAINMENT. POW!’s statement read that they were asked about a memorial for Stan, as they continue to process the feelings about the passing of a true legend. It also added that Stan was adamant about having a large, public funeral and that the family has conducted it as a private closed ceremony, in accordance with his true wishes.

Kevin Feige, the Marvel studios president, tweeted that the impact made by Stan Lee on him and Marvel studios, hasn’t been made by anyone. He praised about the legacy which Stan Lee showed and prayed for the well-being of his family.

His demise not only had an impact on the comics industry, but also on the biggest stars of Hollywood. Star Wars star Mark Hamil tweeted that the contribution given by the pop star is something that cannot be overstated and revolutionary. Stan was everything that we hoped for and would be more. He also went on to add that it’s a wrong thing to say that you should never meet a childhood idle and he still misses him. Everyone paid their respects later.

Stan Lee is one of the founding members of Marvel studios and died at the age of 95. He and his wife were survived by their daughter JC and his wife, Joan, passed away last summer.

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