It is difficult to think that your partner’s family might not like you as much as you would like. It is more difficult when they don’t even invite you over for Christmas.

When his folks decided that they only want him over for Christmas this year, she and her husband got into a huge argument. The husband was angry that his wife didn’t pack his bags for the trip and called her “petty.

The Redditor turned to the AITA online community for advice and their verdict, wondering if she was wrong not to pack his bags, even though she usually does when they travel together. Let us know what you think of the situation in the comments.


A woman shared how she and her husband got into an argument over bags that she didn’t pack.


The full story is here. The woman found out her husband’s family doesn’t like her very much.


The post on the AITA subreddit caught the attention of many internet users. The story got 22k upvotes in less than a day. The author of the post received several dozen awards.

Alex Scot, a relationship expert and self-love coach, told to getting over so-called “post-arguments” requires physical closeness, like a hug or a 6-second kiss, for the sake of co-regulation.

She said, “[Co-regulation is] how we self soothes as infants; a baby cries and a caregiver comes to cuddle and soothe the baby. As adults, co-regulation is very powerful and something we can use to our advantage. So even though you may not feel like hugging or kissing your partner post-argument, as soon as you can bring yourself to do so, go for it. Your nervous system will thank you as it regulates with your partner’s nervous system by sensing their heart rate and breathing.”

Some couples think that married life is the same as dating, according to Dan.


Dan further continued…

Dan explained, “When you’re in a marriage for real, you approach the relationship in a way where you are in it for life and therefore, you sincerely care about how you make the other person feel and their experience in the relationship on a daily basis. They are literally the most important person to you and you act accordingly.”

“Dating is for now and marriage is for life, so people’s behavior and treatment of each other usually adjusts to suit that,” he said. “I say ‘usually’ because some people make the mistake of treating a marriage more like a dating relationship.”

The expert says that when couples marry for real, they aim to be together forever. Marriage is a life-changing step.“It’s a huge part of your life experience because the other person is literally going to be there the whole way, so you don’t want to mess up the happy, in-love dynamic that you’re experiencing together. You want the love and good times to last for life, so it encourages you to be a better person in the relationship.”


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