The Adam Project’s ranking as the fourth-most watched Netflix film of all time has only served to highlight how widely acclaimed Ryan Reynolds’ Netflix productions are. The Adam Project, Red Notice, and 6 Underground are the three such films by Reynolds that are currently in the top 10, with the latter two moving up to the top five on the streaming service. Given that none of these films have received particularly high accolades from critics, this success is particularly intriguing.

Both 6 Underground and Red Notice have a 36 percent critic score on Rotten Tomatoes as of this writing. Despite having strong casts and entertaining parts, critics have criticized both movies for having storyline gaps and muddled themes. Particularly when Red Notice was initially released, the contrast between the film’s popularity and its unfavorable reviews was startling. With a Rotten Tomatoes reviewer score of 69 percent, The Adam Project earned noticeably more appreciation. Reynolds’ Netflix films, however, seem to be invincible when it comes to viewer interest, whether or not they are genuinely poor.

Ryan Reynolds’ continuous charm on screen is most likely the reason why the star has proven to be such a significant magnet for Netflix. Although there are some differences in his characters, particularly in The Adam Project’s more somber portrayal of Future Adam Reed, the fundamentals of many of Reynolds’ roles are often quite similar. Reynolds frequently portrays quick-talkers who utilize sarcasm as a weapon against other, more straightforward characters, whether in an action movie or a comedy.

With Reynolds’ Deadpool movie, his distinct brand of self-aware, and occasionally even self-deprecating, humor became firmly established, and subsequent productions have just expanded upon this identity. When Ryan Reynolds stars in a film, audiences generally know what to expect, and Netflix makes sure to deliver on that promise.

The popularity of Reynolds’ Netflix films was obviously aided by the name recognition that comes with it. In addition to ensuring that the production will attract viewers who appreciate the person’s past work, associating such a huge name with it can help raise the overall budget of the film. The outcomes are the same whether Reynolds joined a project whose budget was already high or whether it increased just because he joined. Red Notice made headlines for having the highest budget of any Netflix film to date. While a big portion of the cost probably went toward paying the three-star leads, the money also supported the production’s lavish sets and the players’ travel expenses so they could film sequences all around the world.

With such substantial funding, the movie may appear nicer and hence appeal to more spectators. Even though it could be challenging to persuade consumers to go to the theatre-based solely on a film’s entertaining settings or endearing leads, these factors might be sufficient for something readily playing on their own televisions.

Whether or not Ryan Reynolds’ Netflix films are subpar, they are nevertheless incredibly well-liked on the streaming service. Netflix will definitely want to imitate the successful approach used in movies like The Adam Project, Red Notice, and 6 Underground as they continue to spend on original content. Time will tell if subsequent initiatives can achieve the same level of success without Reynolds’ assistance.