5G worth the price

The fifth-generation mobile technology i.e the 5G is rapidly expanding its reach and foothold among developed markets. Although 5G is set to be the next big thing, as of now its current position is a bit shaky.

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We believe that it is simply not worth it upgrading your handset to a 5G capable device any time soon, here’s why.

Mainly because of Two primary reasons

Firstly, Huge Investment.

You will have to purchase a 5G powered device, there’s no software which can help your current 4G device turn 5G overnight. And buying a 5G phone is no cakewalk, purchase of a 5G smartphone will most certainly cost you an arm and a leg.


Current 5G capable devices are priced upwards of $1200, which is a lot to ask and are simply not worth the price tag.

Secondly, Current 5G Is Not Good For Smartphones.

5G takes a heavy toll on the battery life of a smartphone. That’s due to the fact that the initial batch of 5G powered phones will require a separate, resource-intensive 5G modem.

The separate chip will also affect how thin a smartphone can be. You won’t be able to see any improvements in 5G hardware until 2020 that’s when Qualcomm will bring its new modem, which will combine everything into a single chip.

Network carriers are simply not ready for 5G, the newest network technology requires the creation of an expensive infrastructure which is a huge financial undertaking.


Whatever the initial 5G coverage is present its very limited. Most of the coverage only works outdoors and not indoors or in offices due to walls blocking signal waves.

More often than not you are likely to face signal disruption due to lack of quality 5G infrastructure.

As of now, 5G usefulness is limited to business units, AI, Internet of Things, and smart vehicles. Cellular devices will surely be benefited from the new tech but not now.