The United Kingdom will be among the first few countries wherein the 5G connectivity rollout will happen in the coming years. Depending on the network provider, UK smartphone users can expect to see 5G availability starting in 2019.

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The very first 5G network providers in the UK are EE and Vodafone. From July 3rd onwards Vodafone users will see the next-gen mobile network go live.

5G: What Good Is It?

The successor to 4G, 5G connectivity is all about speed and essentiality. 5G can achieve highly impressive bandwidth when compared to 4G. It is also 100 times fasters than its predecessor.

5G also provides 1Gbps of download and upload speeds with latency is as low as 3ms – 5ms.

UK 5G roll-out

4K or even 8K video streaming is a cake walk for 5G. The various business will also benefit immensely from 5G. The newest network is expected to render fiber-like experience to mobile network users.

All in all, 5G connectivity is a great option to have in this day and age.

5G in the UK?

The UK will see 5G taking the limelight in 2019 by its four major mobile network administrators.

EE(2019 5G Release) List of cities
Birmingham, London, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool. Here’s the detailed list.

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Some cities will receive 5G coverage in 2020 some of them being Cambridge, Derby, Southampton, Worcester again detailed list can be found on the operator’s website.

Vodafone’s 5G network will be available in seven cities of the UK; Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool, and London. By the end of the year, Vodafone plans to add 12 more cities.

Another network carrier, O2, will roll out 5G in following cities Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh, and London. You can view the detailed city list from O2’s website.

Three UK will also roll out 5G connectivity for its subscribers, but any dates of when will that happen are unknown.

In order to run 5G, you will need a smartphone supporting the same. Meaning you will have to invest in a 5G capable device, say a Samsung Galaxy S10 5G.