As their kids grow up, parent’s on social media are full of wholesome moments.


1. “Life Can Wait”


2. Representing Sesame Street.


3. Absolute proud dad moment.


4. That note is wholesome.


5. “You both are”


6. It was an important moment.


7. Wholesome invitations.


8. Wife being wholesome.


9. Feelings to be validated.


10. The brother is being protected by his sister.


11. Having a very difficult conversation with the son.


12. Keeping up with the loss.


13. Kudos to the teachers out there!


14. A “GirlDad”


15. True friendship.


16. She seems sad.


17. An advice that’s wholesome.


18. 24 years later.


19. Development isn’t meant to be compared.


20. Use the phone only for emergencies.


21. They aren’t to be blamed.