Sometimes the internet can be a pretty grim place, as we love it for giving us an endless supply of knowledge and inspiration. We face an onslaught of headlines, rude comments, and heated debates when we go online. If you can relate, you’re in need of some positive vibes and wholesome posts to show you that it’s not all bad.

Today’s post is about balancing out the scales by injecting some wholesomeness into our lives. The ‘Now That’s The Stuff‘ account is full of the most soul-soothing and cheerful stories people share online in hopes of lifting others’ spirits. Their posts show us how generous and thoughtful people can be.

With 173K followers and counting, this page serves as a breath of fresh air for anyone who might be feeling down. Some of the best wholesome posts from the page have been collected by us. Continue scrolling and vote for the ones you liked the most.








You might find comfort in knowing you are not the only one if you feel a slight concern for humanity right now. News on screens and in the media tends to focus on negative occurrences. We all know how hard it is to get rid of those dark clouds that start hovering over our heads.

Being bombarded with the worst scenarios every day leads to getting tired of it, and that could be a sign that it’s time to take a short break or try to balance everything out with some wholesome posts. We’re lucky to have outlets like the ‘Now That’s The Stuff’ account that gives us a quick distraction from the bleak headlines and adds a dash of happiness in challenging times.

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It is possible to make us feel better about our world by reading about wholesome encounters and incidents. Creating joy is a major part of moving past fear and anxiety and may help us fight uncertainty over the future.






Uplifting wholesome posts make us feel warm and fuzzy inside, but they inspire us to do good as well. We want to contribute as well when we see how people lend a helping hand to their families, friends, communities, or total strangers. When we help others, we help ourselves as well.

Research shows that showing kindness fills our lives with happiness, improves our well-being, and can even shorten the time we have on this beautiful planet. We reached out to Stephen G to find out what he had to say. He is a medical school professor, opinion leader, and author of Why Good Things Happen to Good People.

The professor said there is a psychological tendency for our actions to affect emotion. Even if we are not happy, the action itself will elevate our mood. “There is an emotional ‘shift effect’ that does not take long, really about one hour in adolescents, perhaps two hours in adults,” he said.




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Helping diverts attention from the self and its problems. “[It] engages the mesolimbic pathway, which releases one of the happiness chemicals dopamine. When engaged, this tends to shut down pathways associated with destructive emotions like rumination, hostility, and anxiety.”

An example of how volunteering improves our well-being was provided by him. A survey of 5K American adults indicated that 41 percent of them volunteered at least 100 hours a year. 70 to 90 percent of participants said they felt happier, more resilient, and healthier. Post told us that they had better friends and found more meaning in their everyday life.






“Studies indicate it is good to get together with fellow helpers to debrief and process the experience,” Post added. It seems that when we are forming long-term relationships with other people, it adds a lot. Small circles of trust can bring value to our lives.

“Our friends are no longer just the folks we hang out with or part with. Helpers report deeper relationships formed in the community of fellow helpers,” Post said and noted it’s always good to celebrate giving.








“As one who has managed several large volunteer programs, it is best to let helpers self-select the activity or venue they prefer.” Sometimes they only want to do things they know how to do, other times they want to try something new. “Some report a flow state of deep immersion and satisfaction, even a loss of a sense of time,” Post said.

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There are small steps you can take every day to make people around you a bit happier if you feel that volunteering or making grand gestures is not your cup of tea. Dr. Stephen Post wants you to know that it’s not the amount of helping others that matters but helping from the heart. He says to start with small things done with kindness. “I like to Stop, Look and Listen mindfully to people around me so I can notice their needs better,” he explained, adding that chronological rush can keep us from observing or hearing others’ needs.








We are aware that life can be difficult. When we are driven by the best of intentions, we can get affected by unexpected situations in our personal lives that can make it hard to support others. There is a side of human nature that humiliates others. It is widely used.

The good news is that we are all wired for kindness. “So we must always remember that everyone has that wonderful generous kindly flip side of the coin. The negative is just a part of the story,” he concluded.