Lauren Cohan was finalized to star in Whiskey Cavalier season 2. She was finalized to play the character when the news of the cancellation of the series broke.

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Whiskey Cavalier season 2 is canceled

Whiskey Cavalier season 2 finally cancelled

Unfortunately, the prospect of Whiskey Cavalier season 2 was put in the trash can. The show got officially canceled.

Bringing relief to The Walking Dead fans, the news of Maggie practically returning to the show came out.

The fans and viewers of Whiskey Cavalier are disappointed with the cancellation news. They were anticipating more from the creators of the series but on a positive note.

Fans hope for ABC to revise the cancellation decision

Whiskey Cavalier season 2 finally cancelled

According to a report by Deadline, fans were holding out hopes for ABC network to reconsider their decision to cancel Whiskey Cavalier season 2 certainly. ABC further dashed the hopes of the fans and announced their decision is final.

David Hemingson, the creator of Whiskey Cavalier series, posted “Whiskey Cavalier is not happening” on his social media account.

A piece of not-so-happening news for the Whiskey Cavalier fans followed this way:

“I just got the sad news that @ABCNetwork has passed. #WhiskeyCavalier has been fully and finally cancelled… It’s incredibly painful to say goodbye to this show and our extraordinary cast, but knowing that we made something you enjoyed – and that I believe will stand the test of time – makes it all worthwhile.”

ABC reevaluated Whiskey Cavalier season 2 potential

Whiskey Cavalier season 2 finally cancelled

ABC was encouraged to reevaluate Whiskey Cavalier season 2. Unfortunately, the development of the series is just not the case.

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Although the ratings jumped in the season finale, the overall TRP remained poor. This is the reported reason behind the cancellation of the Whiskey Cavalier season 2.

The show deserves another chance despite the little fan base.

The cancellation of Whiskey Cavalier season 2 might bring back Maggie in The Walking Dead. The latter fans are excited for Lauren Cohan’s come back. Her reappearance might bring back the flair and ratings of the show.