OnePlus 7 Pro Android Q update Android 10

The OnePlus 7 Pro currently rocks the Android Pie which is the latest iteration of Android. And while the Android Q update still has some time before it is rolled out officially, potential buyers of the flagship killer still need to know exactly when can the Android 10 update release for OnePlus 7 Pro.

When will OnePlus 7 Pro get the Android Q?

It is highly unlikely that OnePlus 7 Pro will become the first Android phone to receive the Android Q update.

We expect the first stable release of Android Q on the next Google Pixel device but it is sure that OnePlus 7 Pro will be one of the first devices to get the next update.

OnePlus 7 Pro Android Q update Android 10

Interestingly the Android Q beta program has been rolled many months ago. Recently more than 21 devices other than Pixel lineup also got the Android Q beta program.

If you own a OnePlus 6T then you can use the Android Q beta on the device and it is expected that we will also get the Android Q beta on this device too.

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What to expect from the Android Q?

Google has recently released the Android Q beta 2 update and we get to look at some changes and improvements.

The first big change will be the implementation of system-wide dark mode. This option will allow the users to set the theme to dark or pitch black.

OnePlus 7 Pro Android Q update Android 10  dark mode

It should be noted that the custom Android version running on OnePlus devices (including the latest OnePlus 7 Pro) called Oxygen OS already supports this feature.

One big addition in Beta 2 is the addition of Bubbles. The Bubbles will allow an improved multitasking option which can be dismissed by tapping on the screen.

Android Q will have improved support for the foldable so keep your fingers crossed for the OnePlus Fold.

It is interesting to see that some features that will make their way to the Android Q are already available on the OnePlus Oxygen OS.

To sum it up, we expect the OnePlus 7 Pro Android Q update to roll out about 6-8 weeks after it is rolled out to the Google Pixel line up.