Post its announcement at the 2019 Google I/O developer conference, Android Q beta is already available for download and installation on certain phones. And as usual, this new version of Android comes with a host of exciting features, including the much-requested dark mode.

Android Q Beta 3 features

  • Dark Mode

A dark mode theme has been the most requested feature for the past few android versions, and it finally makes an appearance. The idea is simple. Go to Settings > Display > Theme and toggle on dark mode. One flip of the switch and the phone switches into the dark mode, conserving battery and making night-time use infinitely more comfortable.

Android Q Beta has Dark Mode

  • Smart Reply

Smart reply is a feature that Google has been providing in Gmail, and now it makes its way onto Android. This new feature will provide users with suggested replies in notifications, which they can send by a single tap. This feature should work on every app as long as they update the app to incorporate it.

  • Gesture Control

Google makes another step towards full gesture navigation with the revamped gesture controls. When enabled, the classic two/three button layout disappears and users will have to use gestures to make their way around on their phones. For instance, a left swipe at the edge of the display triggers the back key.

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Other expected features

While gestures, smart reply and dark mode are the most exciting new features, they aren’t the only ones we will get with Android Q. Here are a few features that we will roll out in the foreseeable future:

  • Live Caption

[fvplayer id=”914″]

A new accessibility feature, it is a huge boon for anyone with hearing impairment. When turned on, this feature automatically captions any media running on the phone, be it podcasts, videos, or even recorded messages. It uses Google’s exceptional speech to text algorithm for this purpose and works even when offline

  • Digital Wellbeing

Google is ramping up its digital wellbeing offerings, with a new Focus mode being added that will allow users to mute certain apps and keep their concentration.