Black Summer season 2 release date air date cast

Black Summer, the latest zombie apocalypse show around the block, has managed to gain a lot of fans in a very short amount of time. And, now fans can’t wait to see season 2 on Netflix.

If you really enjoy watching a good zombie apocalypse, but The Walking Dead doesn’t just doesn’t cut it. Then there are chances that you might have already discovered the newest sci-fi TV shows of Netflix, Black Summer.


In the first season of Black Summer, we saw Rose (Jamie King), a wife and a mother who separates from her daughter at the time of an evacuation when the zombie apocalypse initiated. Rose joins the ragtag group of survivors as they proceed to a known safety point which includes weapons, shelter and the remaining survivors.

Black Sumer season 2 releease date
Credits: Inverse

There hasn’t been any confirmation about the second season yet. But there is a high chance that the zombie-centric show will soon get a green light for another season. Let’s see what we can expect in Black Summer season 2.

When is Black Summer Season 2 expected to release?

Till the time, there is no official confirmation about the second season, it is hard to predict when the show will arrive on the streaming platform. Most Netflix shows release during the same time as their previous seasons.

As the first season released in April this year, season 2 of Black Summer is expected to release during spring 2020.

Is there a trailer for the second season?

Credits: Inverse

We don’t have a trailer for the second season yet. A trailer of the show only comes out when the filming wraps up. But as there is no green signal for the second season yet, it will take some time for the trailer to arrive.