black summer

The first season for Black Summer hit Netflix with 8 episodes released all at once, on April 12. For those who have already binge-watched the show, we can barely wait for the next season.

What is it based on

Black Summer season 2 NetflixThe show is based in a hypothetical Z Nation universe where the world has fallen, there is a zombie apocalypse on the horizon, and a team of special forces works hard to fight for hope for humanity.

Although it has been barely a week since the first season was released, fans are already looking forward to Black Summer season 2 on Netflix. Here is all that we know about the horror show’s renewal.

Will there be a season 2?

black summerSince the show was only released a few days back, nothing can be said about recommissioning. Netflix has a complex algorithm for deciding whether an original series will be recommissioned or not. If more than 70 per cent of the watch time includes credits, the show is likely to be renewed. Since enough time has not passed since its release, there is no news yet about Black Summer’s second season.

If the show is renewed in the upcoming months, fans can expect to watch season 2 of Black Summer around this time next year. Netflix tends to keep release dates of its original series’ seasons uniform, so April 2020 is the most likely time when the show will return.

After confirmation of recommission, a teaser or trailer revealing the release date will be launched. For now, you can watch all episodes of Black Summer on Netflix.