Game of Thrones season 8 is right above your heads now and all the fans deserve a round of applause for being so patient about it. And it is finally coming to an end.

Before Game of Thrones season 8 comes to an end, HBO had released a bunch of stuff that had taken the internet by storm. Pictures, promos, leaked images, trailers from the sets of Game of Thrones season 8. The videos and pictures showed us a bunch of stuff; some reunions, battle scenes, Sansa offering Winterfell to Daenerys Targaryen and the arrival of the dragons, of course.

We all know that that something phenomenal and grand is waiting for us. And we also know that even though we are getting fewer episodes than the previous seasons, the duration will be more. Apparently, they have been termed as the most complex sequences that have ever been shot for television.

So, let’s get a couple of points right before we jump into the chase for the Iron Throne.

When does Game of Thrones season 8 start?

The last season of Game of Thrones is going to air on HBO on 14 April 2019. And it will release in the UK on 15 April 2019.

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What time will the first episode air on TV?

The first episode of GoT season 8 is going to air at 9 pm ET in the US. And in the UK, it is going to air on 15 April 2019 at 2 am.

How many episodes will be there in Game of Thrones season 8?

HBO has confirmed that the final season of GoT is going to consist of 8 episodes. But, as mentioned before, a few episodes are going to be more than an hour long.

Which will be the longest episodes?

In the previous seasons, the episodes were almost an hour long. But, the last three episodes of season 8 are going to be more than an hour long. The third episode is going to be of 78 minutes. And the last two episodes are going to be of 80 minutes each.

Brace yourselves guys! Winter has come!

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YouTube video