WhatsApp is one of the biggest messaging apps in the world right now with 1.5 billion users worldwide. WhatsApp started with the launch on Android and then added the voice feature and created so much noise in the market that it was finally bought by the Social media giant Facebook in 2014.

Interestingly, WhatsApp has come a long way but one thing that remains constant was the classic green and white User Interface for which it is known.

However, if rumors are true then the UI design aspect of this messaging app might change in the future.

Dark Mode feature on WhatsApp

WABetaInfo has been a reliable source of information about the upcoming and possible features in WhatsApp.

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This twitter handle previously claimed that Facebook is working on to launch a dark themed WhatsApp. The team posted this after they found some information related to the dark mode in the beta apk.

WhatsApp Dark Mode feature to roll out soon

However, the in second tweet WABetaInfo said that this might be ironic for some but WhatsApp has removed the dark mode from the app for android.

The tweet further explains that Facebook has removed every reference to the possible dark mode in the 2.19.123 update. The team waited for the next update version 2.19.124 but nothing popped.

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The feature is possibly coming to Android

This time around WABetaInfo posted a screenshot and confirmed that dark mode is on its way to the Android.

Dark Mode for WhatsApp

Users rejoiced after this news and share their happiness on Twitter. One user wrote, “this moment is the moment of happiness.”

There are several reasons that dark mode will be available on WhatsApp:

  • Google is releasing system-wide dark mode on Android.
  • Facebook has already experimented with dark mode on the Messenger app.

WhatsApp has integrated many changes over the years. From blue ticks to deleting delivered messages, the changes have been embraced readily. Now users have to wait for next few updates before the WhatsApp dark mode is rolled out.