We all love taking WhatsApp screenshots, don’t we? Did your friend say something embarrassing that you want to remind him about later? Did someone say something controversial that you need to share with other friends? Or is it simply a conversation that you want to save as a screenshot.

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However, following a forthcoming update to the popular instant messaging app, screenshots may soon no longer be allowed!

WhatsApp Screenshots Blocked
Image HindustanTimes

Let us take a closer look at this new update where screenshots will be blocked!

WhatsApp Screenshots to be Blocked After New Update?

The answer to this question is – yes and no. While screenshots will be blocked for certain people, it will not be blocked for all users. This update comes in a beta version of the Android app where biometric authentication is being tested for WhatsApp. A portion of the description of this update reads:

WhatsApp Screenshots Banned
Image WABetaInfo

“When enabled, fingerprint is required to open WhatsApp and conversation screenshots are blocked.”

Basically, this means that those people who use biometric security on the app will no longer be able to take WhatsApp screenshots. As of now, this update is only for Android users.

Are WhatsApp Screenshots Permanently Banned?

WhatsApp Screenshots Blocked WhatsApp Update
Image DailyExpress

Given that this update is still in the beta stage, it is likely that this will be fixed once the update rolls out for the stable version of the app.

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Moreover, one also needs to keep in mind that WhatsApp for iOS also has biometric security using FaceID/TouchID. However, users can still take screenshots there. A similar fix is likely going to be introduced for the Android users too.