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What is Facebook Dating? When is FB launching Tinder’s alternative?

Facebook has announced on Tuesday that it will be making a foray in the online dating market. Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerburg announced that there are 200 million Facebook users whose status is single so there is something that can be done about that.

The social media giant also announced that they are going global in the dating market. Facebook is planning to expand in multiple geographies. This will include Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Chile, Brazil, Laos, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Guyana, and Suriname.

This dating service has been active for a year in Thailand, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, and Colombia.

Facebook Dating service has been active for a year in Thailand, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, and Colombia.

Facebook has also received criticism for its foray in dating marketing. This is considering the fact that it has got a lot of bad rep for privacy violations.

What’s new in this feature?

Tinder, Bumble and many more user data to drive their matchmaking system.

Facebook Dating is looking to take a different route. It will match people using interest, common Facebook Groups and events attended by both people. Facebook will also let its users create a new profile for its dating service.

Facebook Dating Service: What's new in this feature?

According to a study, people who seek for a partner through online services enjoy browsing through profiles but are less likely to choose an actual date. This issue is amplified because these services offer an unlimited supply of possible matches. It has a better chance since it offers less random matchmaking.

Future of Facebook Dating

According to CEO of Agape Match, Maria Avgitidis has a better chance of success outside the United States.

Maria details that in US pursuit for the romantic partner is fundamentally misaligned. She explains that countries like Greece have a really small amount of people using dating service. Facebook has been a popular way to connect and meet new people in these countries.

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