Netflix is yet to announce the second season of What If and fans of the show are already wondering what lies ahead for their favorite thriller drama. One of the most important questions the fans are asking is whether Renee Zellweger will return in the second season.

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Very little chance Renee will return in What If season 2

She talked about the show in an interview and said that the return of her character is dependent on what the showrunners have in mind for the next installment. If Mike Kelly is to be believed, there is a very little chance that Renee will be returning to the show.

Kelly said that if there are any future installments, he wants them to be set up in a universe where the events of the first season never happened. “So there would be no Anne Montgomery in the world of [What If] Season 2,” Kelly said.

No official release date by Netflix for season 2

Regarding the release date of What If season 2, there has been no official announcement. Netflix usually waits a month to observe the viewing numbers of a new series. What If was dropped on Netflix on May 24, so fans can expect an announcement regarding next installment to not be released before June 24.

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If things do work out, the second season of the show will be released in May next year.