Netflix Original series, What If received tremendous love from the fans in season 1. Although fans warrant season 2 of the series, will Netflix release one?

The latest crime thriller by Netflix, What If is an original Netflix series. On May 24, Netflix premiered What If on the streaming service; fans are demanding a season 2 since then.

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Will What If season 2 release on Netflix?

what if netflix season 2

Netflix is yet to give the go-ahead for the renewal of the What If season 2.

As opposed to commissioning multiple series at a time, Netflix renews its original series in the weeks or months after the release of the first season.

The What If season 1 was released on May 25. Hence fans have got plenty of time for the renewal news to emerge.

A fan warranting What If season 2 tweeted,

 “The level of over the top scenery chewing on @what_if from @netflix is something I forgot I needed after Revenge went off. Please bring Renée back for season two!!”

What If season 2 – The Ultimate SPOILERS

what if netflix season 2

Although Anne Montgomery died to the rest of the world in What If season 1, Netflix viewers confirmed her well being. She was seen enjoying her life in the sun, away from San Francisco.

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Fans will see the aftermath and consequences of Dr. Ian Harris’ death in What If season 2.

Ian was shot in the head by Angela, but it backfired. Angela will be seen taking a drastic step of shooting Ian in the head, while a bear trap will trap him.

After the heartwarming scene between Lisa and Sean, What If season 2, will reveal further. Fans will like to see if the two have been able to reconcile the differences.

What If season 2 – The release date

what if netflix

Upon the renewal of the series, the official reports will confirm the release date of season 2.

In case What If season 2 gets the green light from Netflix, the series will be expected to release at a similar time of year to its first season.

Hence, fans can expect the release of What If season 2 in May 2020.

The Netflix Original series What If will most probably never release on other platforms like Sky, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.