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Westworld season 3 trailer hints at timeline of the show, is the show set in distant future?


    Westworld season 1 and season 2 were two iconic series of their times. Fans even had the opportunity to peek a boo into their trailers to find out their worlds. Now Westworld season 3 is soon going to release. It’s first ever trailer is also out giving a glimpse of its real world.


    Fans are super excited to see that the plot revolves around the “real world”. The trailer reveals as if the season has a melancholic undertone. Aaron Paul is heard voicing melancholic lines in the trailer. Westworld season 3 is a downright futuristic season.

    Westworld season 3 release date trailer

    Self-driving superbikes in Westworld season 3

    Westworld season 3 release date trailer 1

    Okay! That might not jolt your imagination that much considering self-driving supercars are today’s reality. And we should thank Tesla for this. However, still, self-driving bikes make for a really cool entertainment, especially in such a sci-fi series.

    Robots in Westworld season 3

    Westworld season 3 release date trailer 2

    These are not new in Westworld seasons and elsewhere. But it is still a treat to watch them with humans in the season and showing their real-world emotions. Robots have always been entertaining in Hollywood. We have loved them all.

    High-tech hospital in Westworld season 3

    Westworld season 3 release date trailer

    In the trailer, Paul is seen comforting an old woman at the hospital. This place looks very advanced high-tech. We would also love to get checked up at such a cool medical facility.

    High-tech fashion in Westworld 3

    Westworld season 3 release date trailer

    Apart from all the above things what is most exciting to watch out in this season is its fashion. If you are going to a party after work, then you don’t have to change your clothes. They change on their own. From office appropriate to party appropriate.


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