With the end of Game of Thrones, HBO is in desperate need of a show that can take its place. In the sci-fi series ‘Westworld’, the network may have a worthy successor. This is why HBO is hoping to see Westworld Season 3 release as eagerly as the fans are. But when will we see the mind-bending futuristic saga of sentient androids return to our screens?

Westworld Season 3 Release Date

Westworld Season 3 is expected to release in 2020. Along with the Game of Thrones prequel series, it will be the headlining show for HBO next year. The show’s IMDB page also lists its release date to be 2020. Sadly, this means we will all have to wait a whole year for Westworld Season 3.

In fact, the show is not even under-production at the moment, and we are still hearing more names being added to the cast.

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There is another good reason for the excitement around Westworld Season 3 release. The cast for Westworld Season 3 has three exciting new names. Aaron Paul of ‘Breaking Bad’ fame and Lena Waithe, who was last seen in ‘Ready Player One’, have joined the cast.

Westworld Season 3 Release

Another excellent actor to join the cast of Westworld Season 3 is Vincent Cassel. Cassel has previously starred in ‘Black Swan’ and ‘Ocean’s 12’, and is rumoured to be cast as the villain for Season 3. Many of the original cast members will also return to reprise their roles.

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Westworld Season 3 Spoilers  

We now know that both Evan Rachel Wood and Thandie Newton will return for the new season. The two actresses play the roles of Dolores and Maeve on the show, respectively. This is because both of them have spoken out about negotiating for their pay for this season. Both the actresses will receive equal pay with their male co-stars, Ed Harris and Anthony Hopkins.

Westworld Season 3 Release

The fact that Thandie Newton will be returning for Season 3 is a huge spoiler. This is because *FINAL SPOILER ALERT* in last season’s finale, her character sacrificed herself to save her daughter. Nevertheless, it is great news that Newton will be returning for the role that won her an Emmy for Best Supporting Actress last year.