Westworld Season 3 trailer breakdown

HBO just dropped a brand new trailer for Westworld season 3, with a release date for 2020. Since Game of Thrones has ended, HBO is making sure users don’t cancel their HBO subscription.

While the new Westworld season 3 trailer doesn’t contain major spoilers, it had a very unique theme. Here is the breakdown for the HBO Westworld season 3 trailer.

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New Trailer


The trailer for Westworld season 3 was published on May 19, on official HBO channel. It starts with the introduction of the character of Aaron Paul and his life and how it is changed after certain events.

The trailer features song titled brain damage by the rock band Pink Floyd, giving us a hint about what will be happening in Westworld season 3.

The Outside World

Westworld season 3 trailer breakdown

Westworld season 3 trailer doesn’t give any previous season vibes, a whole new world that exists out of the theme park in introduced. The trailer focuses that how the world has changed, robots are a part of human life now. It shows us more differences, how the rich are flourishing while the poor people are struggling. We see a totally different world in Westworld season trailer.

Cyberpunk Theme

Westworld season 3 trailer breakdown

We have seen that the previous seasons of Westworld focused on medieval times and Western themes. But season 3 of Westworld is even moving on from that look. As most of the TV shows are which are based on the future, focuses on a cyberpunk theme, so is Westworld season 3 is doing. It goes in line with the story of the show that people are relying on theme parks to have the classical feel.

Dolores is back

While for the first half the Westworld season 3 trailer feels an entirely different series, it connects with the previous events at the end. The character of Aaron Paul runs into Dolores played by Evan Rachel Wood. It is when we get a feeling that everything is connected and how Westworld season 3 will play out. Westworld Season 3 will release on HBO in the next year 2020.