Weight loss pills have been the demand for a major population of the world. There had been new research that is conducted recently. According to it, there are about four million Brits who have genes that oppose obesity.

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It is this gene that protects the Brits against obesity. The same gene works against type 2 diabetes as well as heart diseases. The research was conducted by the University of Cambridge. This discovery is a big one.

This is because it can help in the development of weight loss pills. These pills will help people in reducing weight. This is according to the scientists of Britain.

Weight loss pills: how will they work?

There is a protein known as MC4R. This protein acts as a “brain switch.” It is this protein which signals us to stop eating.

However, there are people with mutations. It is they who gain a lot of extra weight. Moreover, there are also mutations that boost this protein.

Therefore, the carrier remains slim. It is this that gives hopes to the medical science.

Weight loss pills are now possible
Source: Medical News Today

Researchers are now planning to mimic this effect.

The findings of this study were published in a journal named “Cell.”  The study is based on about half a million volunteers.

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They are from the Biobank of the United Kingdom. These people agreed to be on the study. They had their DNA mapped.

The gene

The study reveals that there are almost 61 naturally occurring variants. They are all distinct. Some of these help in predisposing people. This is to become obese.

However, others prevent obesity. Moreover, these genes also prevent some of the major complications caused by obesity. These include type 2 diabetes and even heart diseases.

Weight loss pills are now possible
Source: Medical Xpress

The researchers also conducted some experiments. This showed that the latter variants stopped the gene from working. However, the former one turned it on.

Researchers say that there are fortunate people. These are the ones who protect them against obesity.

In the study, 6 percent of the participants had a healthy gene. This mutated gene kept the receptor “switched on.” Therefore, this, in turn, makes them eat less. Thus they have a lower weight.

This discovery is going to be very helpful. Because this will pave the way to new types of therapies. These therapies will work on weight loss based on this receptor.