The US Supreme Court voted last Friday to overturn the landmark ruling of 1973. The decision to clear the way for dozens of states to ban the procedure horrified millions around the world. citizens took to the streets to condemn this reality

One couple stood out like a sore thumb as thousands of activists, both pro-choice advocates and anti-abortion protestors, gathered outside the Supreme Court and held their handmade posters. The pair proudly showed off a sign that said: “We will adopt your baby.” Their photo went viral because they failed to read the room, drawing attention to the problems with this point of view.

This picture quickly took over the internet and triggered a lot of reactions, from people expressing outrage about downplaying the potential dangers of forced pregnancy to sharing a hilarious meme that pokes fun at this logic. You can see how social media users took it upon themselves to question and ridicule these anti-abortion advocates. Continue scrolling, upvote the posts you agree with, and be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments.


The “We Will Adopt Your Baby” sign is being held by anti-abortion advocates.


The picture sparked outrage and made people laugh, here is what they had to say.






If you don’t know about the case, you should. Let’s catch you up to speed. In 1969 a 25-year-old single woman using the name “Jane Roe” challenged the criminal abortion laws in Texas. In situations where the mother’s life was in danger, abortion was illegal in the state. Wade is the district attorney for Dallas County. Thus, the case of Roe v.





When she filed the case, she was pregnant with her third child and had to give birth. Her appeal was heard by the US Supreme Court. Her case was heard with that of a woman from Georgia who argued that abortion laws in her state violated her right to privacy. By a vote of seven to two, the court ruled that a woman’s right to an abortion is protected by the constitution.

This case prompted the making of the “trimester” situation that permits the right to early termination in the initial three months of the pregnancy, some administration guidelines in the following three, and places a prohibition on ending the pregnancy in the last trimester (with the exception of situations where specialists guarantee that the baby is jeopardizing the lady’s life).





Millions of American women have lost their constitutional protections. On Friday, President Joe Biden condemned the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the abortion law, saying it was a realization of an extreme ideology and a tragic error.

“With Roe gone, let’s be very clear: the health and life of women in this nation are now at risk,” Biden said. “This is an extreme and dangerous path the court is now taking us on.” In a White House speech, Biden promised to protect abortion rights.





Since it is up to the states to decide if abortion is legal or not, some of them have already decided to do away with it. According to The New York Times, “About half of states are expected to allow bans or other limits on the procedure to take effect. In several states, the status of abortion isn’t settled: Courts must determine the fate of existing restrictions, or lawmakers are expected to propose new laws to restrict abortion access. In others, abortion rights are protected by state law, and legislators may move to expand access.”





The logic of their signs is flawed even though they have been circulating on social media. They propose a solution to a problem that millions of Americans are ignorant of. Adoption is not a solution for abortion, as many experts and people with experience in these circumstances have pointed out. Anti-abortion activists have been making this argument for decades, that adoption is a cure for unplanned pregnancies and a substitute for abortion. It is completely wrong.





Anna North stated that seeing adoption as a stand-in for abortion ignores the real dangers people face when they carry any pregnancy to term. The US has seen a rise in maternal mortality in the last 20 years. The nation is not paying enough attention to the high maternal mortality rates among minority groups.





There are many problems with thinking of adoption as a substitute for abortion. “In order to choose adoption for a child, someone still has to carry a pregnancy to term and give birth,” she wrote, adding there are plenty of medical risks involved in the process. Moreover, there are also social aspects to consider, “from fielding unwanted questions to potential abuse from family members or partners who find out about the pregnancy.”

Many women are left on the sidelines at their companies and forced to carry pregnancies to term because of pregnancy discrimination. Especially when you don’t want to.





These couples are holding up signs and looking to fill their homes with babies from forced births. On any given day, there are nearly 424,000 children in foster care in the United States. Why don’t these kids get the attention of the evangelical couples who want to adopt them? Thousands of people are sharing their opinions and expressing anger because of their blatant statement, which is causing a stir online.