Heart Attack Symptoms and First Aid

Heart attack is one of the most serious medical emergency in which blood supply to the heart is reduced. This may be due to a blood clot or any other problem. Heart attacks can be fatal, or at the very least, seriously damage the muscles of the heart.

Lesser known Symptom of Heart Attacks

Subtle signs of heart attack-are you experiencing one?

One of the most common symptoms of heart attacks is chest pains. However, you may be shocked to know that it can cause pain in the jaw too. The Heart Foundation states that an ache or tightness around the area of lower jaw on one or both sides is a common sign of an impending heart attack. The pain may also spread to left or right arm, neck, back or stomach.

The website also stated that not everyone experiences severe chest pain. In some people, the pain is only mild and can often be mistaken for indigestion. The NHS said that the combination of symptoms is a much more reliable method for predicting whether a person is experiencing a heart attack or not.

Other symptoms and what to do

Cure for Heart Failure attackOther symptoms of heart attack, according to the NHS, are – shortness of breath, the feeling of weakness or light-headedness, and overwhelming  anxiety.

The British Heart Foundation suggest that the following steps should be followed if you think you are having a heart attack:

  • Phone 999 immediately
  • Sit down and remain calm
  • Take a 300 mg aspirin if you have one within reach
  • Wait for the paramedics

The risk factors for heart attack include age group of greater than 45 years, use of tobacco, and high blood pressure. People who have high cholesterol levels and high triglyceride levels also fall under the risk of having a heart attack. Obesity and diabetes also present as high risk factors.

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