Using e-cigarette?- here are the side effects of it

E-cigarettes have become a new trend. They are easy to use. Moreover, they come in a number of tastes. Experts say that it is not good for health. This is especially for young users of e-cigarette.

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On Wednesday, the Food and Drug Administration says that it will also investigate. The investigation will be about a possible link between vaping and seizures.

This is after the FDA has received reports of seizures from the people using e-cigarettes. Read out more to learn what the side effects of it are. Also, know whether you are vulnerable to seizures post that drags from the e-cigarette.

E-cigarettes- The side effects

Studies were conducted regarding the effects of using e-cigarettes. According to it, using it can cause damage to DNA.

Using e-cigarette?- here are the side effects of it
E-cigarettes may have side effects
Source: Vox

Moreover, there are also chances of cancer being caused to a smoker of e-cigarette. There are also chances that this may stimulate cardiovascular events. However, this is more for people who have heart problems.

Moreover, the study says that vaping may also be a reason for seizures now. According to FDA, 35 people have reported seizures. This is after using e-cigarettes. Moreover, the reports were more from teens than adults.

Another reason for seizures is abnormal electrical activity in the brain. This is mostly sudden.

Reasons for seizures

According to the FDA, this is because of a chemical that is present in e-cigarettes. It contains nicotine. This is because of nicotine poisoning. It causes seizures. Nicotine has several harmful effects. Now, seizure can be one of them. So now you have another reason to think before you intake nicotine.

What are the warning signs?

Convulsions are also associated with seizures. These are characterized by the shaking of the body of the people. Moreover, this is uncontrollable. However, all seizures do not show shaking. Also, the person may fall as well.

Using e-cigarettes?- here are the side effects of it
Using e-cigarette?- it has side effects
Source: Time Dot Com

The shaking may last for only a few seconds. After the attack, the patient may feel confused or sleepy. Moreover, headache is also experienced after this.

The patient may also suffer from short term memory loss. This is because they may not remember what they were doing post attack.

Other symptoms include unconsciousness. However, seizures do not cause any permanent or lasting harm.

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