These were our favorite viral moments of the week.


1. A beautiful boy was picked on.


2. Calculated Revenge.


3. True Colors Start To Show.


4. His Forever Home Found Him.


5. Undivided Attention.


6. Movie Ends Right There.


7. Didn’t See That Twist Coming.


8. That Overnight Water Is Not The Same.


9. So Much Paperwork For Going Paperless.


10. The Futuristic Cut.


11. Pretty Metal Indeed.


12. A Humbling Moment.


13. Times Are Changing.


14. Confusing iCloud Logic.


15. Elmo Has Had An Intense Week.


16. Super Effective.


17. An Important Gap Of Hanging With Homies.


18. En Route But Without The Enthusiasm.


19. That Backhanded Compliment.


20. ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos’ Was A Classic.


21. A Fun Time Of Fun Facts.


22. Like Mother, Like Daughter.


23. A Breakthrough Lesson For Unpacking Childhood.


24. Take A Seat On The Scary Chair-y.


25. Sandwich Flashbacks Are Very Real.


26. Brother Coming In With The Comedic Relief.


27. Like An Episode Of ‘Black Mirror’.


28. “Can You Unblock My Dad?”


29. Just An Idea.