Netflix is well-known for its shocking true crime documentaries.

The most recent production has taken things to a whole new level of horror for many viewers.

The feature-length documentary Girl in the Picture is said to be the most horrifying thing they have ever seen.

Sky Borgman, who is known for her work on Abducted In Plain Sight, directed the true-crime flick about Sharon Marshall, a woman whose true identity was not revealed until after her death in 1990.

The true story of Sharon’s tragic life, as she went from being a bright teenager to an abused mother, is the focus of the movie.

The documentary has become one of the most-streamed movies of the week since it arrived on the streaming platform earlier this week.

The doc is said to be one of the most terrifying and shocking things that people have ever watched.

“Girl in the picture on Netflix is absolutely one of the most horrific, sickening, frightening things I’ve watched,” one viewer tweeted, adding: “I’m at a loss for words.”

“‘A Girl in the picture’ might be the most offensive thing I’ve ever watched,” a second person said.

The documentary took many twists and turns as it revealed the truth about Sharon’s life.

“I watched Girl in the Picture and I don’t think I’ve seen a true crime story with THAT many ‘plot twists,'” one person wrote. Another added: “Girl in the picture’ on Netflix is layers on layers of WTF! Had to keep rewinding to make sure I heard right!”

The five-part audio mini-series will give viewers a chance to learn more about the fascinating case.

According to the streaming giants, the miniseries will feature complimentary information and interviews not seen in the film. You can listen to the first two episodes on the ‘You Can’t Make This Up’ feed.

The movie Girl in the Picture is available to watch on Netflix.