Everybody is beautiful, but it can be hard for people to feel beautiful if they have fine scars or other obvious flaws. Ngoc Like, a gifted tattoo artist from Vietnam, is working wonders with her immense gift to conceal scars and other bodily marks with beautiful tattoos. So, she is helping people feel good about themselves and happy with their bodies again.

Hiptoro was so impressed by Ngoc Like’s ability to make tattoos look like they belong on her customers’ skin that we had to show you all the amazing work done by her. You can look at some of her amazing work down below.


As a designer, the artist’s formal education started in college, where she learned the basic skills needed for a successful career.

While she was in college, Ngoc Like learned everything she needed to know to become a designer. She thought that artistic skill alone wasn’t enough to hide different kinds of scars, so she did a lot of research on the subject. She says that a scar’s qualities and traits can be very different depending on what kind of wound it is. In order to cover the scars in the best way possible, one must spend a lot of time and energy doing thorough research.

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Ngoc Like thinks that getting a tattoo should not only make people look better, but it should also protect their health. She comes up with a specific idea for how the scarring should look based not only on what the customer wants and likes but also on how the scar is shaped and made. This leads to a solution for scarring that fits both the customer’s personality and their scar. She doesn’t think that the goal is to be perfect. Instead, she thinks that the most important thing is to learn how to turn your weaknesses into strengths.


Her ten years as a tattoo artist and her fight against bias in the business.

At this point, Ngoc Like has been doing this kind of work for close to ten years. Still common in her country is the idea that people with tattoos are bad. Most people who still believe in this old way of thinking think that tattooing is not a “real” job and is linked to different kinds of social dysfunction. Because of this, they can’t help but be afraid to leave their comfort zone and fight not only themselves but also their families and the social biases they were raised with.

People who have flaws, on the other hand, feel bad about themselves and are unhappy. This makes them want to improve themselves and change the way they act. Many of Like’s customers have told her that before seeing what she was trying to do, they had never thought about getting a tattoo because of the bad things that tattoos have been linked to in the past. But when they saw what she was doing, they decided to give it a try and put their trust in her.

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People from all over the country are her clients.

The majority of her clients are middle-aged adults between the ages of fifty and early nineties. From what has been said, it sounds like every single one of them is a nice person from a different state. She also tries to talk with them regularly so that she can learn from them, share what she has learned, and hear about the interesting things they have done.


Like is just getting started, but has big plans and goals for the future.

Ngoc Like has been trying to grow her business and get better at what she does by making a YouTube channel called Ngoc Like Tattoo. The goal of the channel is to get the word out that you can feel love for yourself every day by giving your body and mind the best care possible.

She also has high hopes that she will be able to change how people think about the career path she is currently pursuing. Aside from that, Like is looking forward to growing her business travel so that she can visit more cities all over the world as soon as possible.


It is very important to her that she can help her clients get over their feelings of not being good enough.

When asked how her customers feel when the tattoos are done Like says it’s a very emotional time for them. She says that it feels like a weight has been lifted off their shoulders and that their long-standing obsession has finally been put to rest. Many people have messaged her to say that they feel like they’ve been reborn and that they no longer feel bad about themselves. Instead, they feel whole, confident, and glowing. She thinks that their newfound happiness is the best gift they could have ever given her.

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Which of these amazing tattoos do you think did the best job of hiding unwanted marks on the body?