Having Vegan Diet? Here are the potential risks of adhering to it

A vegan diet has its own pros and cons. However, it is often considered to be healthy. Moreover, it is also considered to be a sustainable form of diet. But, there are also potential risks that are attached to it. Therefore, you must think about before adopting this pattern of eating. Here is all you need to know about the potential risks of a vegan diet.

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A vegan diet can cause a certain deficiency of micro-nutrients

This type of diet is usually rich in various nutrients. Moreover, it also has other health benefits. This is because it has low saturated fat and low cholesterol level. It also has high dietary fiber content.

However, there are also nutrients that are not in enough quantities. Therefore, people who adhere to a vegan diet are always at a risk of having a deficiency of these micro-nutrients.

These include Vitamin D, Calcium and Zinc. Moreover, Omega-3 fatty acids and iron are also deficient in these diets. Iron is of two types. One is heme iron and the other one is non-heme iron.

Having Vegan Diet? Here are the potential risks of adhering to it
Vegan diet can also cause deficiencies
Source: Health line

In this, heme iron is the one that is only present in animals. Therefore, it can be obtained by the consumption of non-vegetarian diet.

Moreover, there are also chances of becoming deficient to vitamin B12. What’s more, is that this cannot be detected easily.  This is because it is confused as weight loss and appetite loss.

This is not all. There are also chances that one might not get enough proteins. Proteins are of varied types. And some of them are specific to animal sources. Therefore, their availability is not for someone who lives on a plant diet.

Diseases associated

Deficiencies of micro-nutrients often weaken the immune system. Moreover, calcium deficiency increases the risks of bone fractures and high blood pressures. There are also chances of fatigue and rashes.

Having Vegan Diet? Here are the potential risks of adhering to it
Adhering to a vegan diet can cause potential risks
Source: Wikipedia

Low consumption is also not good for the body. It makes one feel lethargic. Moreover, one is also at risk of developing anemia.

Deficiency of vitamin B-12 causes neurological symptoms. Moreover, these are irreversible. It includes numbness and dementia. There might also be tingling. This is usually in hands and feet. There might also be an issue with balance.

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