Vegan people are affected by hidden hunger

Around two billion vegan people are affected by hidden hunger. It is majorly due to lack of important micronutrients like minerals and vitamins in a Vegan diet. This may not show immediate effects, but the consequences are severe.

Hidden hunger causes mental impairment, lower resistance to disease and at times death also. This is common in developing countries. But now the health concerns are growing in developed nations and well.

For instance, iodine deficiency can lead to mental impairment which can be prevented. The UK is at the seventh position when it comes to the top ten iodine-deficient countries.

Vegan people are affected by hidden hunger
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Reports show that one in every four children in the US lack magnesium, vitamin A or calcium. Further, one in every two children suffer from a deficiency of vitamin D and E.

There are a number of reasons for growing health concerns in the developed nations. Some of these cases include consumption of cheap, nutritionally poor, energy dense and heavily processed foods.

Even the fresh produce contains fewer micronutrients. Soil health and climate change are some of the issues responsible for it.

Increase in the trend of veganism

Veganism is another major factor which contributes to malnutrition and hidden hunger. The Vegan Society reports that a huge number of people are switching to a vegan diet in the UK. The Vegetarian Resource Group study has revealed that almost 5% of the population in the US are vegetarian and half of them are vegans.

Even though a vegan diet may reduce the risk of chronic disease, it is deficient of nutrients found in meat. This can result in serious micronutrient deficiencies.