Since there is no announcement regarding Vampire Academy Season 2 release, fans decided to take this matter into their hands and took the help of social media.

Vampire Academy Season 1 debuted three months back, and there is still no news of its renewal. Fans are getting impatient now and can’t wait to know the show’s fate.

People have started posting on Twitter, and #SaveVampireAcademy has been trending ever since. Here are some of the tweets shared by fans to bring back their favorite show Vampire Academy.

One fan shared that after a long wait of 15 years, she finally got to see her favorite book get adapted into a show, only to get canceled after one season.

Another fan felt that it was a loss he had never experienced before.

Even though it is not unusual for TV shows to get canceled occasionally, this one has affected the fans. One fan tweeted that the cancellation of Vampire Academy hurt bad. There must be a way to bring it back if it affects fans to such an extent.

And some fans find it difficult to get over Vampire Academy’s lead couple. They would love to see more of their romance.

Fans don’t care if they are spamming everyone’s feed with Vampire Academy and #SaveVampireAcademy posts, but that’s all that they want. You can see that in the tweet below.

It’s not just the fans who want more of Vampire Academy, but the studio is also finding ways to bring back the show.

Vampire Academy has a huge fan base, and fans are doing everything possible to bring back the show. The only thing that now makes sense is show’s renewal for Season 2.

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Else, it will break lots of hearts. Stay tuned to get all updates about Vampire Academy Season 2.