The school shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, was horrible. There were 19 children and 2 teachers killed. Others were injured but still alive.

The community of Ulvade is grieving the loss of innocent lives. Those who survived are learning to live with fear and trauma. They lost a lot of people.

The police department was criticized for not entering the school sooner. Some students called the emergency number and couldn’t understand what was taking so long. The police weren’t entering the school to get the students to safety, and one mom couldn’t understand why.

Angeli Gomez left her job in the farm fields and drove to her children’s school as soon as she heard about the shooting. She was determined to get her two children out of school. She was handcuffed by police because she wanted to rescue her children. After they let her go, she jumped a fence and ran to the school to make sure her children escaped.

Gomez was able to locate both of her children and help some of their classmates escape as well. She says police are threatening to arrest her for her actions. She said she has seen police cars outside of her home. And she wants the harassment to stop.

Gomez explained what happened when she arrived at Robb Elementary School and to see a video of her running from the school with her son and his friend.