When he heard the muffled screams of a young boy being crushed by a heavy package, a UPS driver didn’t think twice. The tense and scary footage from security cameras is going viral.

After being recorded by a Ring doorbell and then posted to the subreddit r/HumansBeingBros, the video quickly got over 8,000 upvotes and more than 100 comments.

This rescue video is giving people a whole new level of respect for delivery drivers, even though we’ve seen doorbell cameras record heroic acts before, like when a neighbor saved a whole family from a deadly house fire while the Ring camera was rolling.

CNN says that the video shows Max Pratt, who was only 4 years old at the time, trying to bring a package in for his parents, which is something he loves to do.

Still, it was clear that Max was way over his head with this particular speech. The young boy tries to carry the package for a while, but its weight and size quickly make him give up. Max is stuck against the iron handrail of his front porch as the tall box starts to tilt and then falls on top of him.

Max’s weak pleas for help were answered, thank goodness, by UPS delivery driver Marco Angel, whose name is almost too good to be true. The driver, who had two kids, sped across the busy street without even thinking about it.

“I pictured my boys in his situation, obviously, and you go into full parent mode, full dad mode,” Marco told WBBM.

Marco ran down the sidewalk and lifted the box off of Max’s small frame with a fair amount of ease. After making sure the little boy was safe, Marco helped the family bring the package safely into the house.

“This is the most Superman-like scene I’ve ever seen”

People on Reddit were amazed by how fast the delivery driver was able to react.

“I guarantee that guy is a parent. That little scared voice will immediately kick on ‘parent mode’ and you have zero control to try to save them. You don’t even think; your body just moves,” one user shared.

“The call to action, the boy’s look of disbelief when he’s saved… This is the most Superman-like scene I’ve ever seen 😭,” another user commented.

“Guardian f****** angel… I strive to be like this man,” one colorful user wrote.

Since the scary thing that happened, Max’s parents have told the 5-year-old boy that he should never go to the door alone and that if a package is too big, he should always ask his parents for help. Also, they told their son to always ask for help from his parents if a package is too heavy.