Some unwritten rules have to be implemented. The speed limit and legal drinking age are similar. The people who implemented the rules regretted their decision. Our previous post about such instances can be found here.

There are no rules that need to be explained. They are not documented in books or authorized by law. Common behavioral constraints we all take for granted are referred to as unwritten rules.

Things like not swiping sideways on the off chance that somebody shows an image on their telephone, or never ridiculing another person’s snicker. People swear by it. There are more unwritten rules listed online.


Unwritten rule #1

Don’t make fun of someone who is overweight at the gym.


Unwritten rule #2

If someone comes up to you and starts talking about being your friend, you play along.


Unwritten rule #3

If you’re wrong, admit it.


Unwritten rule #4

You don’t have to ruin other people’s day if you have a bad day.


Unwritten rule #5

Before entering, always let people out. This applies to everything.


Unwritten rule #6

Don’t play loud music in public.

For example: While walking down the street or sitting on a bus one shouldn’t be playing music on their device. Purchase a pair of headphones.


Unwritten rule #7

You should be ready before the person picks you up.


Unwritten rule #8

If I show you a picture on my phone, don’t try to move your finger left or right.


Unwritten rule #9

When driving someone should say “Thank You Wave” when they let you in the traffic stream.


Unwritten rule #10

Don’t wear white to a wedding and don’t propose at a wedding. I’m sure this hurts, but it’s not your day. Don’t be mean.


Unwritten rule #11

If someone opens a door for you, please say thank you or acknowledge them. I’m not your servant.


Unwritten rule #12

Don’t hit on women at work. They’re just being nice, it’s their job.


Unwritten rule #13

Be the individual your pet dog thinks you are.


Unwritten rule #14

Put your mouth closed and chew.


Unwritten rule #15

Pay people back before they ask you.


Unwritten rule #16

Don’t cheat on your partner. It’s not cool. Break up with your SO first if you want to f**k someone else.

It happens a lot.


Unwritten rule #17

When you are done with the shopping cart, just return it.


Unwritten rule #18

If you’re walking side by side on the sidewalk and someone comes towards you, make room.


Unwritten rule #19

If a girl bleeds through on her period, always tell her.


Unwritten rule #20

If I don’t know you, don’t touch me or stand so close to me.

Many people are disrespectful of personal space.


Unwritten rule #21

Unless they’re being jerks, be patient with the elderly.


Unwritten rule #22

Whenever you return a companion’s vehicle, top off the tank as a much obliged.


Unwritten rule #23

Leave it better than you found it.


Unwritten rule #24

Imagine the horror of knowing that every bad thing that happened to you was because you deserved it.


Unwritten rule #25

Personal hygiene needs to be maintained regularly.


Unwritten rule #26

Unless it’s important, don’t bother someone with headphones. They have headphones on for a reason.


Unwritten rule #27

This is for women. You should always have an extra pad on you. You never know when another woman will need it. This is your only exception to being nice. We’ve all been there.


Unwritten rule #28

Say please and thank you. It’s good to do it until it becomes second nature. A great many people realize this, however not every person makes it happen.


Unwritten rule #29

people sharing unrwitten rules of life


Unwritten rule #30

Put more weight on the bar if a bro passes away while lifting.


Unwritten rule #31

Start with the question “how might I be wrong?”.

Everyone can figure out a reason to believe they’re correct, but if you look for reasons you’re wrong you’ll make less horrible assertions and mistakes.

“How might I be wrong?” is the core question of science and the beginning of wisdom.


Unwritten rule #32

Don’t ask a woman if she’s pregnant.


Unwritten rule #33

Follow the ABC mantra at work:

Assume nothing.

Believe nobody.

Check everything.


Unwritten rule #34

Explain things in the simplest way you can.


Unwritten rule #35

When you let cars in traffic, just keep alternating.