One doesn’t have to be a professional to take good pictures. When the universe is perfectly aligned, there are coincidences. All you have to do is bring the camera and press the shutter-release button. You will have your own favorites. Sometimes, perfect timing can make or break a shot. These pics always impress us.

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns, so having awesome shots is not difficult. If you find looking into the lens boring, try this way. It is easy to see startling snaps. You can count on me. Natural moments are the most expensive. You need to wait for them. If you can’t believe that they exist in our life, scroll down to see some of the craziest and funniest moments captured on camera. You don’t need expensive equipment to shoot an outstanding photo if you look at this list of 22 perfectly timed images.


1. Pedro Pascal wants those shoes.


2. This man must be smelling good.


3. Simpson gazing at other Simpson outside.


4. Just a horse chewing up another horse.


5. Absolutely gold.


6. Birdie stealing doggo’s treat.


7. Catto, the serial killer.


8. Gotcha!


9. Stunt of the year.


10. This is giving out Matrix vibes.


11. Doggo slipped.


12. Watch out for the ball!


13. Fly birdies, FLY!


14. Monkey disapproves of this man’s style.


15. Just a Russian wedding.


16. Not really a friendly sidewalk.


17. This guy has special powers.


18. The smell of that hair must be great.


19. The journey must go on…


20. Clean shot.


21. Feeding food to the ground.