McGregor vs Mayweather Rematch UFC Boxing

McGregor vs Mayweather, which was the first major boxing match for McGregor and the last major boxing match for his opponent, Floyd ‘the money’ Mayweather, took the world by storm when it happened in August 2017. Following this match, ‘The Money’ retired from Boxing with an unbeaten record. McGregor, on the other hand, continues to demand a rematch!

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Mayweather vs McGregor Rematch
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It now appears that the rematch is a bigger possibility than ever before as Conor McGregor has even delayed his return to the UFC for this. Let us take a closer look:

Is McGregor vs Mayweather Rematch Happening?

Conor McGregor is all set to face off against Floyd Mayweather. However, the only problem here is that Mayweather has been away from the sport for quite a long time now and has little to no interest in returning to the ring. However, continuous trash talk and demands from the Irishman might just force him to come out for one last time.

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While as of this writing there is no concrete proof that this match is ever going to happen, the fact is that the chances of it happening are more likely now than ever before. Moreover, given that Pacquiao is facing Thurman instead of Mayweather now, McGregor vs Mayweather Rematch is quite possible!

McGregor’s Return to the UFC

McGregor vs Mayweather II
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This is going to impact McGregor’s return to the UFC because he will now be involved in the world of boxing once again. We know that McGregor had asked for a share in the ownership of UFC which Dana White had declined him and he has been upset since! Will McGregor vs Mayweather see Conor transitioning from one sport to another?