Justin Bieber vs Tom Cruise Fight UFC

Justin Bieber vs Tom Cruise inside a UFC Octagon is something that you couldn’t possibly have thought in your wildest imagination! It even looks like something so random that it is possibly happening in an episode of South Park. However, in 2019, this is real! Bieber challenged Tom Cruise to a fight on Twitter! The fans are all excited about this and REALLY want it to happen.

Justin Bieber vs Tom Cruise UFC
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Let us take a closer look at Bieber vs Cruise and see if there’s any chance of this happening at all!

Justin Bieber vs Tom Cruise in UFC: Will That Really Happen?

While Bieber’s manager later confirmed that he was just messing around and that Bieber, 25, is not looking forward to ‘fight’ Cruise, 56, in the UFC Octagon. Nevertheless, fans of both these celebs are excited and want to see this happen now!

Justin Bieber vs Tom Cruise Fight
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UFC President Dana White even commented that if this really happens, this would indeed be the biggest purse in UFC history – even bigger than the likes of Khabib vs McGregor in a rematch!

Fans Have Taken Twitter By Storm over Bieber vs Cruise

Fans of both the stars are taking it out on Twitter, with some even claiming to help train them for the fight. While Justin Bieber vs Tom Cruise in UFC started off as a ‘joke’ by Bieber, it has now started to get more ‘real’ with every passing day!

Justin Bieber vs Tom Cruise Dana White UFC Fight
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Fans of the UFC, however, are upset, stating that theirs is a ‘real sport’ and if this match happens, all the legitimacy would be taken away from the UFC!