Justin Bieber started off a media frenzy this month when he tweeted that he wants to fight Tom Cruise in a UFC ring! The singer-actor also tagged UFC’s Dana White into the tweet! However, what is this Justin Bieber vs Tom Cruise match all about? Is it really going to happen? Is Dana White planning something special? Or is it all just a media frenzy and nothing more? Let us take a closer look as we find out:

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Justin Bieber vs Tom Cruise UFC Match
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Justin Bieber vs Tom Cruise Is It Just a Media Frenzy?

Bieber is known for pulling off stunts on Twitter, the likes of which we’ve never seen before! He even announced his marriage to Hailey Baldwin on Twitter which came as a surprise. Given the fact that up until now Bieber and Cruise have had nothing in common, the fact that both the stars are being mentioned in the same stories gives them both positive publicity.

Justin Bieber vs Tom Cruise Fight
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Bieber is known to be a wrestling fan – with rumors of him being planned to appear at one of the WWE events a few years ago. Tom Cruise too, is known as an action-lover as he likes to film his stunts himself! A match between Justin Bieber vs Tom Cruise won’t be too far-fetched.

Dana White Comments on The Match

Justin Bieber vs Tom Cruise UFC Fight
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Commenting on the match between the two Hollywood megastars, Dana White, the UFC President, said that it would undoubtedly generate the biggest purse in the history of UFC. It will be interesting to see if the UFC does manage to pull this one off, as a match between Justin Bieber vs Tom Cruise will indeed be one for the ages!