Israel Adesanya Winner UFC 243

The main event of UFC 243, which featured the fight between Robert Whittaker vs Israel Adesanya just came to an end in the second round where Adesanya knocked out his opponent and extended his winning streak to 18-0. The match was high-energy and the audiences were cheering for the returning hometown hero, Whittaker, who ended up losing the Whittaker vs Adesanya match.

Whittaker vs Adesanya
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Let us take a closer look at the fight and everything that went down, as well as we take a closer look at some of the fan reactions from Twitter.

UFC 243 Whittaker vs Adesanya Results: What Went Down?

Robert Whittaker started the night on a rather firm footing but Israel Adesanya seemed to be in the lead right from the first second. While Whittaker did manage to connect some kicks to his opponents, Adesanya’s offence was too much for him to handle! There were some real nasty punches that Adesanya managed to connect, giving him a major advantage over Robert Whittaker.

UFC 243 Winner Result Israel Adesanya
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Whittaker vs Adesanya came to an end via Knockout in the second round when a flurry of punches from Adesanya made Whittaker lose his balance and another punch later he was on the mat with Adesanya punching him till the fight was stopped after a KO was declared. The betting odds for this fight were split quite equally – with Adesanya at -115 and Whittaker at -111! Whittaker vs Adesanya was an easy win for the undefeated Adesanya, who later celebrated inside the Octagon with his family.

Twitter Reactions to Whittaker vs Adesanya

UFC 243 Robert Whittaker vs Israel Adesanya Result
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Here are some reactions from Twitter, celebrating the victory of Israel Adesanya.