Barboza vs Felder UFC 242

Edson Barboza vs Paul Felder is the co-main event of UFC 242. However, it has sadly become a match which dwells only in the shadows of Khabib vs Poirier. However, this match deserves so much more than what it is getting! It has the potential to become the match of the night yet nobody is talking about it as of now!

Barboza vs Felder Match of the Night

Barboza vs Felder, when it happened for the first time, was really good. Barboza won that one. Will Felder be able to win it this time around? Let us take a closer look!

UFC 242: Barboza vs Felder II is the Most Underrated Fight of the Night

For Barboza, this is a match where he needs to assert his dominance over Felder, and on the lightweight division at large. For Felder, this is about revenge! He wants to make things right this time – and the loss from four years ago needs to be written off by a win here! This is most likely the last time they’re ever facing each other and hence a win here would be really good for Paul Felder.

Barboza vs Felder
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Barboza vs Felder II is about two fighters who know each other and have fought each other in the past – but have matured over the years and it is now that their wins or losses truly matter! It will be interesting to see how the match turns out to be.

Who Wins Barboza vs Felder II at UFC 242?

Edson Barboza vs Paul Felder
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As of this writing, odds heavily favor Edson Barboza to win the Barboza vs Felder match at UFC 242. However, we’re still a week away and a lot can change as the date draws nearer! Stay tuned with us for more updates on this match – and the rest of the UFC 242 card.