If honesty is the best bet, Twitter people definitely know how to follow the rules. With only 280 characters to describe themselves, Twitter users aren’t afraid to be cruelly honest with as few words as possible. Check out some of the cruelest and honest tweets that Twitter can offer.


1. That’s the worst career advice.


2. And that’s how you play the system.


3. This would totally cause a Rabbit hole.


4. No one ever got hurt by a little validation.


5. The employee field trips.


6. She totally played him out.


7. Was it really on VHS though?


8. This is what she actually means.


9. That’s an awkward alien encounter.


10. Trouble in the flight.


11. Mustn’t forget the elbow though.


12. The book fair was very unfair.


13. “Totally your move, IRS.”


14. Trying to stop phone calls from happening.


15. There is absolutely no in-between.


16. These horoscopes are faux.


17. Turned 30 years old young.


18. This is what feels like living the matrix.


19. Seems impossible to win this game.


20. Stress management is much needed.


21. A very tough decision.


22. Beware, readers.


23. The rumor has it.


24. Cricket noises cued up.


25. For people having trust issues.