Trump vs Obama YouTube

The Trump vs Obama battle is one we never got to see in real time. While President Obama was replaced by President Trump, the two didn’t really fight head to head in an election as Obama had completed his eight years of Presidency.

Nevertheless, the two continue to be political foes and Trump keeps taking shots at the former President every now and then.

Trump vs Obama Debate
Image: Axios

Trump has taken a new shot at the former President via a YouTube video that he posted on his official YouTube account.

Trump vs Obama heats up: Trump’s Video Claims ‘Obama Knew’

Donald Trump’s YouTube has a new video titled ‘Obama Knew’. He claims that the former President’s team knew about Russia’s interference in the 2016 US elections.  Yet he watched them passively and did not take any action.

The video claims that the Obama administration was warned by multiple security sources. They stated that Russia was ramping up its efforts to potentially meddle in the elections.

Trump vs Obama
Image: YouTube

Trump blames the entire responsibility of the Russian meddling on Obama. This battle between Trump vs Obama just keeps getting more intense with every passing day.

Will Elections in 2020 be fought along these lines?

Trump vs Obama YouTube video
Image: CNN

Despite being away from active politics for such a long time now, the political discourse in the US makes it feel like Obama is the one contesting against Trump in 2020. However, in the coming elections, the battle will be clearly be drawn out between Democrat candidate and Donald Trump.